Blockchain for Good is a non-profit association under the French law of 1901. Since 2018, it brings together researchers, entrepreneurs and civil society in an open and participatory science approach. Through three means of action (1) collecting data about impact projects built on blockchains, (2) mapping and analyzing these projects by field of activity, and (3) sharing, exchanging and debating, the association aims to build bridges between the blockchain ecosystem and those involved in so-called sustainable development.




July, 2024

On July 10, at BeCentral in Brussels, during EthCC7, we’ll be bringing together 400 people, researchers, entrepreneurs, experts to talk #identity, #money, #climate and #supply chain. It’s the Blockchain for Good Unconference.

July, 2023

July 20 at the Académie du Climat, Paris, 32 speakers, 5 conferences, 10 workshops, 1 art exhibition, 500 participants

September, 2022

Report 2022/2023 “Blockchains and Sustainable Development”, based on a directory of 700 impactful blockchain projects in 12 areas: agriculture and food ● aid and philanthropy ● climate and environment ● education and employment ● energy ● government and democracy ● health ● identity and property ● internet and telecommunications ● logistics and traceability ● peer-to-peer money and programmable money ● Web 3.0, arts and sciences.

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Replay the launch event at Caisse des Dépôts

We have nothing to sell and everything to share. Directory data is freely downloadable (Open data), analysis reports are published under a Creatives Commons license, and the association is open to all, without discrimination.

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Would you like to immerse yourself in the most innovative use cases for impact projects built on public blockchains? Access our ressources freely and share them with whoever you like. Are you a researcher, entrepreneur, PhD student, student or just passionate about the subject and would like to take part in our research work? Join the association!